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Category: History and Physical Write Up


H&P 3

4 months ago

791 words

Visit Date: 01/16/2019   Patient: Ms. J Age: 22 Race: White Informant: Pt herself, reliable   CC: “Ear pressure” x2 days   HPI: 22 y/o Female presenting to clinic /c no PMH c/o of right ear pain and pressure and x 2 days. Patient states pain behind suddenly and was unable to sleep last night.…

H&P 2

4 months ago

872 words

Visit Date: 1/14/2019   Patient: Ms. S Age: 57 Race: Asian Informant: Pt herself, reliable.   CC: “cold symptoms” x2 weeks   HPI: 57 y/o female /c PMH hyperlipidemia, diabetes presents to clinic c/o sore throat, nasal congestion, and runny nose with discharge for x2 weeks. Her cough is productive, producing greenish white sputum. Her…

H&P 1

4 months ago

782 words

Visit Date: 1/09/2019   Patient: Mr. S Age: 39 Race: Asian Informant: Pt himself, reliable.   CC: “irritating rash” x1 week   HPI:39 y/o male presenting to clinic /c no significant PMH, c/o rash on body x 1 week. Patient developed rash 7 days ago after day at construction site. Patients states rash started on…

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