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Category: Didactic Year


Clinical Correlations Reflection

5 months ago

292 words

The first semester of clinical correlation was challenging for me. It wasn’t the content, just the nature of the course. We would be expected to ask questions pertinent to the patient complaints, begin to develop a differential diagnosis and a proper treatment plan. I think this was difficult for me because differentials were a bit…

Mini-Cat Assignment

5 months ago

2384 words

Clinical Question: In a related question, the unit’s nurse manager has been advocating that instead of placing indwelling urinary catheters, post-op orthopedic patients who cannot use a bedpan should be “straight cathed” (using an as needed straight catheter which is only placed to empty the bladder at that time and then removed).  What can you…

Healthy Policy: Gun Violence Arms Are for Hugging

5 months ago

1490 words

To:  President Donald Trump From:  Samer Khawaja, PA-C Date:  January 19,2018 Re:  Federal Mandate on Banning Sale on Concealed Weapons/Firearms (GUNS) Statement of Issue:   More than 30,000 people are killed and over 60,000 are injured because of guns ever year in the United States.  Guns can be utilized as weapons for mass homicide and suicide.…

Public Health Program: Diabetes Don’t Sugar Coat it

5 months ago

2035 words

Topic:   Diabetes Prevention in NYC    Scope of the Problem Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder defined as hyperglycemia, when the body in unable to produce sufficient insulin to absorb blood sugar. According to the NIDDKD, there are approximately 30.3 million people living with diabetes in the United States. That is roughly 9.4% of the…

Health Promotion Disease Prevention:Case Study

5 months ago

1395 words

Patient: Juana Negron Immunizations  Influenza, 1 dose annual Tetanus- Tdap for Td once, Td booster every 10 years Varicella- 2 doses MMR- 1 to 2 doses depends on indication PPSV23- 1,2 or 3 doses depending on indication   Screening Tests Alcohol misuse Depression Hypertension àborder line high blood pressure Obesity Tobacco use and cessation HIV infection Hepatitis…

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