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Clinical Correlations Reflection

5 months ago

292 words

The first semester of clinical correlation was challenging for me. It wasn’t the content, just the nature of the course. We would be expected to ask questions pertinent to the patient complaints, begin to develop a differential diagnosis and a proper treatment plan. I think this was difficult for me because differentials were a bit challenging for me to think of on the spot. Because there are so many medical conditions and for me deciding what was specific to the patient, in terms of the symptoms was hard. However, I think throughout the course of the class I learned a great deal from the professors as well as my classmates. We all took time to ask questions and it was methodical. I think that was also difficult, not being in control of asking all the questions at first, so my thought process was thrown off when creating differentials. In the beginning we weren’t as guided in terms of what was expected from the assignment, like how much detail in research was required to answer our topic questions.

Throughout the following semester, I think the assignments became more focused as relating to our cases. We were held responsible for the 5-minute presentation which I think helped because that made me focus better. Another personal goal that I achieved this semester from clinical correlations was just getting past my nerves, I’m not completely over it yet. But comments from Dr. Davidson and my peers helped to better my presentation skills. I started to bullet points instead of writing word for word what I would say, this made my presentation skills flow better. I am still learning and during rotations I hope to get better at my differentials and my presentation skills

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