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SOAP Note Reflection

5 months ago

214 words

This assignment was well thought out. The aspect that I think was the most interesting and helpful, was being assigned a specific diagnosis while we were learning how to create a SOAP note. This sort of created a more structured learning experience for me, that facilitated in the understanding of the use of SOAP notes. Also, this allowed me to learn something new instead of choosing a disease that I was either familiar with or had prior knowledge about. My diagnosis was edema. The chapter presented three different cases. This was then further broken down into varying sections pertaining to the SOAP note, which includes the subjective, objective, assessment and plan portion. First the patients presenting symptoms were indicated, then specific tests, medical history, and other pertinent positive symptoms helped to narrow down the origin of the abnormality. Then blood tests and other invasive tests were done, in order to further determine and come up with a differential diagnosis. From this experience, I learned how that everyone presents symptoms differently, and just because a disease states it presents in one manner doesn’t mean it can’t be presented in another. Also, patients can have varying levels of pain, so it important to never overlook these aspects. I think this assignment was very helpful.

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